NET People: Yaziri (YO) Orrostieta


Yaziri Orrostieta (who goes by “YO”) is the marketing director at Heritage Land Bank. Prior to her current position, she served as the marketing manager at Mentoring Minds. She has spent the last 26 years of her life in East Texas.

“Growing up in East Texas has allowed me to have the open mind of a big city and the heart of a small town,” she says. “Professionally I’ve been exposed to a very diverse business environment, but I also have seen the East Texas community come together multiple times for the good of our neighbors and those in need.”

Orrostieta earned her MBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas and her BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Tyler. Throughout her career, she has successfully led initiatives in various marketing channels such as direct mail, event marketing, trade shows, marketing research, web development, email automation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), publications, and public relations. She also has five years’ experience in retail banking and lending.

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