Potters Brown Still Playing in the Mud After 46 Years


Potter Doug Brown started the Edom arts community when he moved to East Texas in 1971. The very next year he and other artists started the Edom Art Festival which marks 45 years with this year’s event October 14 and 15. Doug and his wife Beth continue to create decorative and functional stoneware that graces the shelves and tables of fans nationwide.

The Browns make their own clay several times during the year using five different kinds from various parts of the country to produce stoneware that handles their high-firing process. Once the piece is made — either by hand or throwing it on a wheel, or a combination of both such as the tray featured here — they fire it in the kiln at 1,800 degrees, which takes two days including the cooling process.

The pieces are then glazed using a wax-resist method first by basing the piece in one color of glaze and then applying wax and hand-painting layers of colors over the base glaze. When the piece is fired again to 2,400 degrees, the wax burns off and is replaced with the beautiful under glaze showing through.

They do not use commercial glazes, choosing instead to use formulas Doug perfected through 50 years of trial and error. Achieving these colors is a very difficult process that makes it their signature.

Their design ideas are influenced by tribal, religious, and cultural designs including Japanese shields, crop circles, Moko or Maori designs, religious symbols, and a combination of all of the above including nature’s geometry.

Learn more about Potters Brown in the County Line Magazine archives on countylinemagazine.com and visit their website at pottersbrown.com.

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