The Forgotten


I am the tallest tree in the most beautiful forest,

And I am despised by all the earth except myself.

Even when the morning Sun’s brilliant light gilds my every crevasse,

He will no longer give me the strength to grow.

I am left to survive on the jealous stare of those vulgar saplings,

And to breed the stench of haughtiness.

So in my hatred for the Sun,

I spread my leaves woven of the finest artistry,

And I choke out His precious rays from the saplings below.

Their nostalgic wails resound throughout the darkness,

They constantly claw for relief.

But my bark is an iron casket,

And is strong as the love I have for myself.

But deep beneath my bark,

A lost soul cries out the desperate song of a thousand heartbreaks.

A melody that haunts my every dream,

Reminding me of a passed life,

A life that saw the rise of the tallest tree of the most beautiful forest,

A life that heard the mournful echo of the tree that was left to rot,

A life,

That lies forgotten in my roots.

2018 Northeast Texas Poetry in Schools Scholarship Winner

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