Artist Creates Mother and Child and Other Art Series


Judith A. Smothers has pursued her love of drawing and painting since she was a young girl. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art and education from Eastern New Mexico University.

Later, while teaching art to middle school kids, she began freelance illustration for local businesses. This led her to a position as director of the art department for an etching company.  They created wildlife art etchings for gun and knife manufacturers such as Remington, Colt and Winchester.

These etchings resembled fine engraving yet offered the client limited edition options and opened up a new avenue for artistic exploration. Concurrently, she created pen-and-ink limited edition wildlife prints and dabbled in watercolor.

Then for the next 20 years or so she set aside her art to raise children. After they were off to college, she said it was time to pick up a paintbrush again. Inspiration came from instructing  adult art classes in Terrell and the birth of her first grandchild. While teaching a watercolor technique that employs a watercolor wash and plastic wrap, she began conjuring up images of moms and kids in the dried washes.

“What a joy to allow one’s imagination to run wild,” she says.

A series of 12 paintings were developed depicting the love between a mother and her child. One is “The Gift” pictured here that she did in 2007. These abstract paintings are a mix of realism and flat pattern designs that, some say, resemble stained glass windows.  

The excitement of painting from the unknown and using her imagination opened up a new way of exploring pigment on paper.  Once the “Mother and Child Series” was complete, Smothers expanded into other media. See more of her amazing work on


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