Captured Art of Summer 2019


“This black and white photo is of an old house on Highway 11 in Hopkins County. I’ve been shooting this dilapidated house for many years.”

Photo by Curtis Miller


“Jack and a little lens flare.”

Ricky Niell



“This is an image of the Union Pacific Steam Engine 844 near Winona, Texas. Before it came around the bend, still behind the trees, I could see the steam rising above the treetops and feel the rumble of the giant pistons and wheels rolling along the tracks. It was a foreign, but oddly familiar sight. Like somewhere in my short life, I could reach back into another time and see these giant wonders rolling across the countryside.”    

Michelle Cahal



“Fireworks at the 4th annual Lake Fork Fireworks Show. I viewed the fireworks with smoke as signifying the sacrifices our ancestors, veterans, and military selflessly give so that Americans can live the lives we choose without fear of oppression. Photo also has some foreground of silhouetted ground cover and water reflection.”

Mel McCaul




“The smooth surface of water brings calmness. The rocks on the foreground offer safe foundation while watching the sun go down. It’s just one of those beautiful and peaceful golden hours in East Texas.”

Ine Burke

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