Carlos Santana and The Doobie Brothers Perform in Dallas


Carlos Santana and The Doobie Brothers head to Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas July 6.  

Santana’s successful pop gamble of a comeback album Supernatural is turning 20 this year and he’s celebrating the milestone with a tour across America. It’s been a full 50 years since his band wowed Woodstock crowds and gained fans across the globe. Though the occasion is a look back, Santana assures that he has new material for his die-hards to vibe on.

“We’re always moving forward, and we have incredible new songs and melodies that will inspire you,” Santana said in a statement. “I feel like a 20 year old on stage playing with this band, and they deliver on every song. When we hit the stage, we know we will touch your heart and make you dance, sing, cry, laugh, and leave your baggage behind.”

The Supernatural Now tour features support from legendary soft-rockers The Doobie Brothers, another classic band that evokes memories for thousands of baby boomers and new generations.

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