Take a Summer Art Class From Best of 2018 Artist


County Line Magazine’s 2018 Best Artist winner Maureen Killaby teaches a variety of art classes from her Lindale studio.

Killaby makes art very accessible for everyone. Her compelling creations like “Sophia” above do that one way and her love of teaching art does it another.

Killaby’s own work ranges from drawing birds to figurative work to landscapes to impressionist to studying the classic Russian and Spanish artists.

She teaches kids 7 and up the basics of traditional art using the old masters concepts. They learn drawing fundamentals, oil painting, pastels, and colored pencil.

For adults, she teaches classical methods of drawing and painting including Bargue drawings, old master copies, cast and figure drawing, still life painting, portraiture, and figurative composition.

She also has a beginners oil painting class where she teaches the basics and shows how to develop skills in color, composition, paint application, and more.

Her studio is located at 105 North Main Street. For more information, call (903) 830-6694 or visit maureenkillaby.com.


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