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At  the corner of home and away is that place we all know, that place where we can find the peace of routine coupled with the unsullied joy of being away. The best places are those where we can enjoy a home cooked meal away from home, the paradox of eateries across this great land. I have found one of these places: Tarbutton’s in Henderson.

Though I hesitate to use the word unassuming, it’s one of the best words I can find to describe this wonderful restaurant. Located in Henderson’s quiet downtown square, Tarbutton’s, a family-owned business, offers patrons a variety of home cooked meals at very reasonable prices.

Diners will step into a warm and inviting climate replete with old-timey brick walls and a wait staff that treats you like they always knew you. This makes it a perfect spot for visitors and regulars alike. The smells of freshly-prepared home cooking greet you like the warmth of a smile from a dear loved one.

What kind of food can you expect? I selected the chicken fried steak (of course) precisely because I tend to judge the caliber of a restaurant by how well this seemingly simple meal is prepared. Seasoned to perfection and served steaming hot, I was not disappointed. It certainly was everything I hoped it would be.

However, with so much more on the menu, I needed to sample more. As I was dining with two lovely ladies, I had a chance to taste other veritable fare. The pork chops were thick and immensely tasty. The chili was well-seasoned and perfect for a Winnie the Pooh blustery kind of day. I had a difficult time deciding which was best but fortunately that is not a requirement.

I cannot wait to go back to try other delicious-sounding menu items such as popcorn shrimp, grilled salmon, the patty melt, and the chicken fried chicken. Further, Tarbutton’s now offers breakfast items for its patrons. Judging from the selections, that is something I will be trying in the near future.

Visitors to Tarbutton’s can expect fast and friendly service in a rustic setting that is at once alive and quiet. The establishment also provides an upstairs banquet room for private functions and a catering service. Take advantage of all they have to offer.

As I will soon be calling Henderson my home, I feel heartened that I will have two places in the same city that I can feel at peace and enjoy a warm comforting meal in the presence of friends and family.

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