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If you have ever dined where the  food is prepared  by  a master culinary artist and staff that  have a fine-tuned palate chances are you  know  amazing food when you  encounter it. That is where I am  taking you this month, only with a twist.

Edom Bakery and Grill is one great place your taste buds will lead you to in Northeast Texas. We have ranted and raved about this classic hometown restaurant before, with its award-winning chef and staff. There is no doubt to those that eat at the café tables of Edom Bakery and Grill that the food is well worth the drive.  I am a huge fan of their tomato basil soup, I have eaten almost everything on the menu and have been pleasantly surprised by each meal, but there is a star performer that has not received its just raves — the bakery treats, especially the pies.

It is not a norm to do a review just on the sweets of a particular dining establishment, but since this is the Edom BAKERY and Grill, I thought I would sweeten the review this month. For the past few years’ customers, neighbors and citizens alike rave about the pies and sweets of the Edom Bakery and Grill. So much so that they won the best pie for County Line Magazine’s Best of the Upper East Side of Texas for the past few years. There is ample reason why they are winners. If my snapshots could be scratch-and-sniff this review would send you to your car for drive to Edom immediately.

Each tasty pie or cake at Edom is made by the bakers with artistic pride and a foodie’s heart. From scratch each item adorns the bake case to tempt any diner to their sweeter side. The pies are settled in flaky crusts with filling that overflows the pie tin. The chocolate pie is a fan favorite with dense, yet fluffy chocolate filling and a cloud of whipped topping sprinkled with chocolate chips. The pie case also offers up rich cheesecakes and decadent Italian cream cake, but the pie reigns over the lighted display.

Fruit pies reflect what is tempting for the season, like cherry or fresh blueberry. Cream pies are always in season, thank goodness for us as diners.  The bakery offers many varieties from coconut to lemon. Each time you visit the bake case is different. You can devour a slice of rich strawberry cake and take teacakes and scones home for the next day. Customers can pick up a brownie, cookie or even homemade biscotti to go. If there’s any buttermilk pie left it should be your first sampling. Rich, creamy and baked with love should be the bakery’s motto.

Recently, the bakery became even more of a stop for me as I discovered that in that heavenly bake case is housed a sugar free chocolate and coconut pie almost daily. As you eat it you forget it has no sugar.  The chocolate is dusted with dark sugar free coca so you can tell it apart from its sugary counterpart. This is a great foresight from any bakery for our diabetic and sugar-conscious friends and family.

When something wins awards it catches my attention — in this case it will catch your sweet tooth. Hope to see you at the bake case!


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