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A specialty, dark-chocolate ganache cupcake entices from behind bakery display windows. Rich cupcakes, exotic Parisian macarons, and brightly-decorated cupcakes sit freshly baked on the shelves, waiting to be tasted by hungry Northeast Texans. From 7 a.m. to closing time, the scent of these sweet treats fills the air of Ganache, Tyler’s independent French-style bakery. 

“It all started with a sketch of a city-like bakery and a passion,” said Holly Short, founder and owner of Ganache. “I chose to open Ganache in Tyler because it’s where we live and we wanted to educate people about great food using great products.”

Before founding Ganache in 2010, Short worked as a nurse. Her love for food education and baking led her to leave her job in the medical field to open the bakery.

“I have a passion for food education and a love for homemade food without preservatives,” Short said. “I wanted to share good food in Tyler.”

One of Ganache’s most prominent, preservative-free baked goods is the signature ganache cupcake. This pastry is made with dark chocolate cake and is drizzled with ganache, a chocolate topping from which the bakery derives its name.

“It’s basically just any type of chocolate and then cream,” Ganache head baker Katie Fry said. “We just mix it together and it makes a silky-smooth topping. It’s really good.”

Along with the signature ganache cupcake, the bakery also offers other cupcake flavors. Some of its most popular flavors include lemon, salted caramel, and red velvet.

“The salted caramel and red velvet cupcakes are probably the most requested,” Ganache manager Maren Ashby, said. “Those are the two that we sell out of daily. Red velvet is that southern classic cake, and we make ours with real cream cheese, so it’s just really hard to beat. The salted caramel — it’s just so popular. People just love it.”

Although the bakery is known for its cupcakes, Ganache also sells decorated shortbread cookies, cake pops, crème brulee, sweet bread loaves and Parisian macarons.

“Right now, the number one thing that is trending with us is our Parisian macarons,” Ashby said. “They’re really unique. We offer lots of varieties of them and we make them in house from scratch, which is kind of rare for around here. They’re exclusive to us here in Tyler.” 

On the saltier side of unique baked goods, Ganache sells homemade Chex mix, crackers, and even dog treats.

“We offer savory treats, too,” Ashby said. “We do a spicy twist on a classic Chex mix. Especially during football season, the guys will come in here and buy our Chex mix off the shelves. We also make homemade crackers. It’s just something different. It’s still home baked and all natural.”

According to Short, all-natural ingredients are beneficial to your health because your body recognizes these ingredients more easily than those that are artificial. Along with selling all natural baked goods, Ganache also offers special diet pastries and does not use preservatives in anything sold at the bakery.

“People come to us for the all-natural, home-baked goodies,” Ashby said. “We are a made-from-scratch bakery. We don’t use anything out of a bag as far as pre-made mixes, so nothing has any preservatives, no fillers or anything like that. We also offer dietary needs pastries, such as the gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free.”

It was important that Ganache offered dietary-needs cupcakes in Tyler because, before the bakery opened, these types of pastries were difficult to find in the city and were not being made with taste in mind. 

“Tyler is unaware of a lot of special diet needs and about farm-to-table foods,” Short said. “We decided to offer dietary-needs cupcakes because we wanted everyone to have a place they could go and not be left out due to dietary restrictions.”

According to Ashby, Ganache’s customers are surprised by the different varieties of special-diets baked goods they offer. An example of a particularly popular dietary-needs menu item is the gluten-free Parisian macarons that Ganache offers in a multitude of flavors.

“I really think that we have the most testimonies on our special-diets cupcakes,” Ashby said. “With the gluten-free cupcakes, people call us from all over. I have people call me from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and they say, ‘I’m coming through Tyler, and I need a dozen of your cupcakes because I just love them.’ They’re so happy that we offer something that’s tasty in our store but also suits their dietary needs.”

Ganache is celebrating their five-year
anniversary this month. The latest business accomplishment is an expansion to offering their Parisian macaroons in the FRESH by Brookshire’s bakery cooler. Short is optimistic about Ganache’s

“We now have our own hand-crafted, authentic Parisian macarons for sale in FRESH,” she said. “We hope to continue to be in Tyler and offer many more European treats to the area. We are excited to have had five great years in Tyler, and we are looking forward to many more.”

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