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To increase the quality of childcare offered in East Texas, Workforce Solutions East Texas Board hosts training academies for Texas Rising Star Childcare Provider directors and assistants. Training sessions occur in March, April and June in Kilgore at the Hampton Inn. In the first session held in January, 27 directors and staff were trained by Champions for Children of Tyler and received continuing education certifications from Tyler Junior College. 

Texas Rising Star Providers are designated childcare providers meeting standards above those required for a state licensed childcare provider. They commit to provide ‘quality’ early childhood education realizing that the first few years in a child’s life are imperative in cognitive development. 

“Of the 23 Texas Rising Star Providers in our region, we had participation in our first academy training from 20 centers. We are very encouraged by this and know we are meeting a need in the region and fulfilling a mission of the board to increase the quality of childcare in East Texas,” said Keith Huddleston, Workforce System Improvement Lead at the East Texas Council of Governments. 

The focus of the academies centers on providing the newest ideas and information in early childhood education, creating a better childcare environment, establishing a pathway/blueprint to quality childcare and improving childcare center operations.

Funding of the training academies is provided by the Workforce Solutions East Texas Board. For more information about the Texas Rising Star program, contact Patsy Boersma, Childcare Development Specialist for the East Texas Council of Governments, at 903.218.6419 or email

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