March Shows At Texan Theater


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The Texan Theater in Greenville has two shows set in March with David Church on March 6 and Mark Wills on March 13.

The David Church concert, starting at 7 p.m., includes dinner, parking and all gratuities for a price of $110 per ticket.

From the iconic Hank Williams to his own “roots/retro” country music, Church has made a huge impact on music enthusiasts all over the world. David and Terri Lisa Church have reignited a passion for traditional “retro” country music and have made a connection that has crossed generations, from college students to great grandparents.

Church was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio, a small town on the outskirts of Columbus. The youngest of 14, he grew up surrounded by country music and bluegrass. His father taught himself to play the five-string banjo and played at local barn dances and picnics, where he performed some of the songs by artists such as Uncle Dave Macon, The Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers and Bill Monroe. Church’s biggest influence was his Uncle Stant, who played the lap steel guitar, and encouraged his nephew to “never give up.”

The Mark Wills concert on March 13, also starting at 7 p.m., is $120 per ticket and also includes dinner, parking and all gratuities.

The Reader’s Digest version of Mark Wills’ story makes it clear he’s an award-winning singer’s singer. His matchless phrasing, passionate and meaningful delivery and right-on-the money vocals make each and every song he performs come alive. Like a picture-perfect painting, Wills’ music is a vocal work of art that walks right off the canvas and into the hearts of country music lovers alike.

“I think I’m a good storyteller to make a song meaningful. Whether romantic or ‘reality,’ my focus is on the music delivery to make it my own for the people who listen – so that they can make it their own.” 

Since garnering his Top New Male Vocalist recognition in 1998, Wills has become a staple in country music.

Tickets are available online at and are sold until 24 hours before each concert.

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