Waldo Way and the Golden Guernsey Girls


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In October 2013 when NaRisa Waldo, known to her friends as Ris, quit her job as a UT Tyler professor to open a dairy farm.  She made a leap of faith from what she calls the “illness” business to the “wellness” business. Ris has her PhD in nursing but decided her educating needed to be done differently.

“I wanted to be part of the prevention, not the illness and medication,” Waldo said. 

So she followed her dream and opened The Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola.  She began with five Golden Guernsey cows from Wisconsin and has grown into the 30-cow dairy she has today. Apart from their beauty, Waldo chose Guernseys because they are the only cow breed that aren’t modified genetically to produce larger amounts of milk, she said. 

“Guernsey milk is premium milk naturally high in Beta-Carotene, Omega 3, calcium and an A2 protein casein; the same as mother’s milk. According to the World Guernsey Cattle Federation. Guernsey milk contains 12 percent more protein, 33 percent more vitamin D, 25 percent more vitamin A and 15 percent more calcium than average milk,” Waldo said. “Because it is so naturally healthy, it helps to prevent illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

"Commercial dairymen need volume, so other breeds have been modified at the cellular level to produce quantity, not quality," she says." But the milk of Guernsey is creamy, and it's golden because it's full of healthy beta-carotene. And the fat floats right to the top, because it's not been processed and treated. It also has more of vitamins B1 and B12 and is lower in cholesterol than any milk, and it has A2 protein, which no other milk has." 

Currently her 75-acre farm sells more than 30 items including milk, yogurt, cream, cheeses, butter, granola, breads, handmade soaps, extracts, as well as other items from neighboring farmers.  

“People are really hungry for the information of how to live locally and from the land. My goal was to put these products under one roof to make them easier to access.  That’s why we have products from neighboring farmers as well,” she said. 

Later this month, the dairy farm is hosting a special event called “Cooking with Ris and Heidi, The Frugal Way” where attendees learn how to not only cook healthier, but to do so on a budget.  Waldo was a single mom raising children with very little income so she knows what it is like to have to think through money choices. During the class, she shares some tricks she says “our grandmothers had but we failed to learn.” Heidi Hoke, a Doctor of Naturopathy, joins Waldo in presenting this sold out class. 

 “We have exceeded the maximum number of participants for this class but we will be hosting a second class to allow for more people,” Waldo said. “Education is one of my strong suits. I want to convey these principles to the next generation so they have the opportunity to be healthy and prevent diseases.“ 

The Waldo Way is a Grade A raw milk dairy located off of Highway 37 in Mineola. Waldo and her son Trenton Montgomery, CEO, run the full operation of the dairy. They also offer a peaceful getaway at The Gatehouse Inn on the property. Some of the amenities include a private outdoor bathe with a claw foot bathtub with views of the sunrise and the Golden Guernsey Girls that grace the land.

For more information call 903.245.9673 and visit The Waldo Way Dairy Farm on facebook.com.

The next cooking class will be May 16 from 11:00 am to 2:00 p.m.

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