War Eagle Woman


One thing East Texas never lacks is talented writers — having met several is just an added bonus. One of them is Tina Bausinger, writing professor at Tyler Junior College. She recently published her first novel, War Eagle Women, a work that keeps alive the unique genre of southern Gothic. Though the concept of the intertwined lives of the women in the story is interesting, perhaps even more fascinating is the story of the original War Eagle Woman.

Bausinger’s writing career started when she wrote a story for TJC’s creative writing magazine, The Bell Tower, which ended up winning a best story prize. Encouraged by creative writing professor Tracy Borum and literature professor Dr. Linda Gary, Bausinger continued her writing pursuits in her creative writing class and wrote the first chapter of War Eagle Women.

“After that, it got placed on the back burner for a while,” Bausinger said.

War Eagle Women might have been relegated to great untold-story status if it was not for a close friend and fellow student’s advice to attend a writer’s conference in Dallas. While there, if a complete manuscript was ready, an agent could peruse the work.

This development gave Bausinger the needed push to complete the idea in her head. Afterwards, she was able to complete other noteworthy projects, such as her first non-school publication, which appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul-Thanks Dad, and would later publish in Chicken Soup’s Runners.

But things were not always successful for Bausinger.

“I got so many rejections, after a while, it got to be funny,” Bausinger says. She even traded rejection letters with Tracy Borum, comparing to see which was worse.

It is this kind of humor, coupled with her writing skill, that makes Bausinger the published author she is.

National publications like USA Today have mentioned her new work, War Eagle Women, in their Must Read book trailer.

Bausinger is attending the 2015 Stanley Hotel Writer’s Retreat in October in Estes Park, Colorado, where she conducts a panel called “How to Write a Haunted House Story.” Learn more at tinabausinger.com.

It is definitely inspiring to witness a literary star in the making, and there is no doubt that War Eagle Women will prove a success, not only for Bausinger, but for all of East Texas.

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