East Texas Train Introduces The Pullman Table


Passengers on the Texas State Railroad through the piney woods of East Texas will soon get to choose from a delicious and classy menu of food to add to the journey.

The rail system’s trek between Palestine and Rusk will soon offer a new dining experience. Dubbed “The Pullman Table,” the menu features more regional foods paired with wine and beer from nearby areas which truly give guests a “taste” of East Texas.

Carefully brought back to service and ardently detailed to be as historically accurate as possible, the classic Pullman cars offer passengers the chance to rediscover the style, ambiance, and craftsmanship of the golden age of rail travel.

The specialty railroad service has hired a new chef to develop a menu that represents the region. East Texans will enjoy the same service being offered by the Premier Rail Collection on select routes based in Chicago; New Orleans; Saratoga Springs, New York; and Mount Hood, Oregon. 

“The Pullman Table is an exciting project for our rail lines,” said Angela Lane, vice president of sales and marketing for Premier. “For so long, railroads were an integral part of moving fresh, regional food and we want to reintroduce trains as a premier way to enjoy that bounty.”

Those choosing to ride in Diamond Class will enjoy a space in a mid-century dome car with panoramic windows that allow unobstructed views of the peaceful passing landscape. Standard Class passengers occupy vintage diner and lounge cars. Guests in Standard Class can choose from first or second seating options; both include a chef-prepared meal and non-alcoholic beverages.

For more information, visit www.texasstaterr.com or call 877-726-7245.

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