Award-Winning Poet Matt Spezia Performs in Winnsboro


The Winnsboro Center for the Arts presents “Spoken Word,” a night of performance poetry, at 7 p.m. March 3 featuring national award-winning poet Matt Spezia and local poets, including Angela Wylie.

Matt Spezia is a powerhouse of lyrical ability, combining a three-time national award-winning poetry style, Kansas City hip hop, and thespian teachings. This artist has two albums and a book published and completed a summer tour last year that consisted of 32 shows in two months. Spezia uses his art to promote self confidence, social awareness, and cultural change, especially to young people and he has worked directly with school children in six different Kansas districts.

He also hosts two weekly national award-winning radio shows that are both fun and entertaining.

Tickets range from $12.50 to $15 per person and are available at For more information call 903.342.0686.

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