Dylan Godwin


For every successful actor, there is a community theatre in their past. Just ask Dylan Godwin from Athens.

Godwin was with the Henderson County Performing Arts Center (HCPAC) for more than 10 years, and the HCPAC is proud to call him one of their YES! kids. Dylan attended the center’s YES! classes from nine to 13 year olds for lessons in acting, stage make-up, set design, costume design, playwriting and stage craft

“From the time he found the stage, he accepted a leadership role and was a cheerleader in moving the theatre forward,” recalls HCPAC Executive Director Emeritus Dennis Gilmore. “He was in, directed, choreographed, costumed or designed over 20 productions. At the same time, he was assisting in the rebuilding of the high school drama program. What made and still makes Dylan an asset to any theatre is his ability to be a team player.”

Godwin is often cast in musical comedies because he exudes the effervescence required of those parts. He was selected for a national tour while still in college and he currently graces the stages of the Alley Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars, and Stages Repertory Theatre, all in Houston. He is also an acting and directing consultant at the High School of Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.

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