Lemons Are Not Just for Lemonade


By now many of you have completely forgotten about your New Years resolution which likely had something to do with your health.  Annually we make a mountainous decision to reclaim ourselves by becoming more physically fit, eating better, or giving-up some addiction without careful consideration to our state of well-being on a physical, mental, and emotional level. It’s not that you completely lack self-discipline or will power to achieve your goals, but simply that your body is possibly depleted and one more (huge) add on to our daily to-do list is simply too overwhelming for true success. This is because we are tired, stressed, and likely dealing with underlying issues contributing to low energy.

Rather than feeling like you’re failing, let’s consider first a potential root cause; low vitamin C, for which I have a very simple remedy — drink hot lemon water upon waking every morning. 

While this may seem too simple to provide any true healing benefits, allow me to break it down.  Vitamin C is an important antioxidant within the body and it also regenerates other antioxidants, and is needed for at least 300 metabolic reactions to work normally of which the following are noteworthy:

• It is critical to gut health by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria and aiding in synthesizing collagen, which also repairs leaky gut syndrome.

• It is important for adrenal and immune support because it is directly involved in the production of cortisol and is an essential building block for the recovery of your adrenal glands.

• It also stimulates and aids in digestion as well as promotes healthy elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

Additionally, vitamin C contributes to: 

• The normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise

• Normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth

• Normal energy-yielding metabolism

• Normal functioning of the nervous system – SO important when coping with stress

• Normal psychological function

• The protection of cells from oxidative stress

• The reduction of tiredness and fatigue

• The regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E

• Increased iron absorption

I encourage you to take this one small step toward supporting your bigger health goals by positively impacting your overall well-being and ultimately your energy levels.  Simply drink one-half lemon squeezed into a cup of hot water upon waking and yes, before your morning coffee.

Now a lemon cocktail in the morning shouldn’t be your only supply of vitamin C throughout the day and you may be wondering why I am promoting fresh lemon as your ally as opposed to taking it in pill form. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain macro- and micronutrients and phytochemicals, which provide additional health benefits to your body.  In other words, it’s best to receive your daily intake of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, it’s a great start to your day, easy to integrate into your morning routine without being overwhelming, and will give rise to higher energy levels.

Lastly, it’s extremely hydrating after fasting for eight hours while you’ve slept. And for the summer months, simply substitute lime for a cooling effect on the body. 

With a more restored you, you’ll be able to accomplish those bigger goals in no time.

Jennifer DaSha is a certified yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant and works one-on-one with clients seeking to improve their well-being. Learn more about her at JenniferDaSha.com.

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