Little Free Libraries Abound Around the Region


Kimber Crow of Edom, whose great grandmother taught school in Edom in the late 1930s, enjoys selecting a book to read from Edom’s Free Book Exchange located in front of the Edom Historical Museum.

This local addition to the program was provided for the community of Edom by local artists Zeke & Marty. Folks can put books, movies, or music in and get books, movie, or music out for their enjoyment.

There are hundreds of little libraries around Dallas/Fort Worth neighborhoods and others in Denison, Sherman, Paris, Sulphur Springs, Mount Pleasant, Winnsboro, Quitman, Daingerfield, Texarkana, Tyler, Longview, Henderson, Nacogdoches and more. Go to the website to find other registered little libraries throughout the region.                                

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