A Story of Redemption in the Piney Woods


A new novel set in scenic East Texas comes from Steve Mims, a resident of Houston and a retired executive and attorney. His first book, Return to Mercy, is the multi-generational story of a family’s journey to redemption with a storyline that involves a chance roadside reunion, the return of an estranged child, the arrival of a mysterious guest, and an ill-fated criminal enterprise.

A primary character, Lillian Irwin, is a family matriarch whose life is revitalized by the restoration of her long-lost friendship with a character named Weezie Wilkins, while Lillian’s son, Roy, faces the failure of his marriage to Carole, a first wife who gets trapped in a loveless marriage to the heir of a rival family’s fortune. 

Desperate actions and decisions unfold with unpredictable results, creating a dramatic storyline. Return to Mercy is available in paperback on Amazon for $16.

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