Cherokee Civic Theatre Presents Original Musical


The second weekend presentation of historic Cherokee Civic Theatre’s original musical One Song takes place May 5-7. 

A funny, touching, and true-to-life story, One Song is about a set of students and families of a small-town school who are given a special assignment: to share their own personal stories with a toy bear that will become a gift for a terminally ill schoolmate. 

Produced by Tim Howell, the show is directed by Minette Bryant and features a book, lyrics, and music by Bryant as well. The score, composed by Seth Lord, weaves the stories of varied students into a heartwarming musical tapestry as the characters eventually realize that, regardless of their differences, their similarities are stronger and they all share one song. 

One Song cast members include: Terrius Aldridge, Sean Anderson, J’Nae Arrington, Keira Beck, Jarrett Brake, Orion Brake, Kylaney Breen, Sage Breen, Alijah Francis, Ethan Gonzalez, Katelyn Green, Stevie Rae Gresham, Ella Kovacs, Meg Kovacs, Brynna Link, Maggie Link, Abigail McCalister, Nicholas McCalister, Bryce McCoy, Madeline Murphy, Emily Pierce, Lisa Pierce, Amanda Pointer, MaKenna Pointer, Ila Sanchez, Connor Sessions, Kevin Swindell, Dane Trent, Donovan Trent, and Erica Truelock.  

Performed in Rusk on the Cherokee Civic Theatre’s grand stage, the show’s “world premiere” featured April 29 and 30 performances, and the May show times include evening performances at 7:30 p.m. as well as a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee. For tickets and information, call 903.683.2131 or visit   

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