Crazed About Cars and Cats


D’Ann Rauh of Arp spares no expense on her collections, and according to her husband Wayne, she has two main passions: cars and cats. 

Specifically, her weakness in the vehicle department is the Dodge Viper, a “street legal race car” introduced in 1992. Through the years, the couple built up a huge Viper collection — currently 80 strong. “Only 21 are mine; the rest are hers,” Wayne explains. 

Retired from an oilfield trucking business, he says they used to house their fleet in six buildings on their 28-acre property — until word spread in the region about D’Ann’s love of cats and informal animal rescue activities, and she repurposed one of the car buildings as a giant cat kennel. People routinely dump stray cats at their doorstep or call and ask her to save their animals, and not too long ago, the couple reportedly had more than 100 rescued cats and dogs on their property. 

“We work hard to get them adopted out and work with the SPCA and others on that,” Wayne says. “It’s crazy how much money we spend on litter and vet bills trying to help all these cats.”

Of course, collecting cars is costly as well, but since Dodge has stopped building Vipers now, Wayne thinks that collection is “mostly topped off.”

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