In the Hot Seat


Brightly-colored metal lawn chairs never seem to go out of style, and, create fun, whimsical seating areas by the pool and on porches and patios.

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Surprised recently by some fun-loving mockery from The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, Kathy and Louis “Skip” Torrans of Jefferson are having the last laugh. As owners of Torrans Manufacturing Company, the couple produces colorful powder-coated metal outdoor furniture in classic and traditional styles. 

Skip also published a book, called The History of the Metal Lawn Chair What We Know Now, several years ago — the source of the don’t-read-this-book ribbing from Fallon. The talk show host joked that people shouldn’t read the book because “who knows what types of metal lawn chair advancements have taken place over the last three years.” Since the episode’s airing in late January, sales of the 240-page book have increased markedly from a previous low sales rate of just two per week, and chair sales remain brisk, Torrans said.  

To keep the good humor going, the Torrans spent some time in the spring working on a video called Life of the Metal Lawn Chair in Jefferson, described as a short spoof showing their retro-styled chairs used everywhere throughout the town. Known for their durability and comfort, retro metal chairs run about $60 and come in various styles, including gliders and love seats. For more information, visit or call 903-665-6449.

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