Tiger Charlie Finds Sanctuary At Last


One of the newest residents in Murchison, Texas, is Charlie, a 17-year-old male tiger rescued from a dissolved exotic breeder. The majestic cat’s new home is Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch (CABBR), one of America’s largest animal sanctuaries, where some 40 different species that were rescued from bad and inadequate situations are tended to by a small, but dedicated staff. 

Charlie came from Colorado, where a breeder was closing its doors and dispersing some 70 tigers to wildlife rescues. He came with no medical records and was declawed — a practice considered inhumane and outlawed in numerous countries because it involves the unnecessary amputation of each toe bone.

Two other rescued tigers at CABBR live near Charlie, but program director Noel Almrud says they are housed separately because adult tigers are solitary in the wild. The trio take turns roaming a three-acre yard and two quarter-acre pens. 

Started in 1979 as a donkey rescue by animal advocate Cleveland Armory, the non-breeding sanctuary now houses a range of exotics like chimpanzees and primates, as well as Asian water buffalo and American bison. There are also plenty of farm animals in CABBR’s care, and Almrud says the roster of residents numbers about 1,000. Operating exclusively on donations, the ranch hosts monthly tours, usually on the second Saturday. For more information, call 903.286.7088 or visit the website at fundforanimals.org.

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