Eilenberger Bakery, Sharing Sweets for 140 Years

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F.H. Eilenberger was born May 7, 1878. He was a German immigrant who established a successful — and still operating — bakery in Palestine, Texas. He worked at bakeries in Galveston and Fort Worth before starting this company in 1898.  

Originally located on the corner of John and Oak Streets (pictured above), the operation was moved to the current site at 512 N. John Street in 1918. Eilenberger also lived there for several years.  

Thanks to continued management of the operations by his sons, his baked goods continue to delight Texans.  

Today the bakery is noted for fruit and pecan cakes, produced from a family recipe and marketed worldwide.  

They also have cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pastries, breakfast items, and a good selection of gourmet gifts.  

They have appeared on the cover of Southern Living magazine numerous times and served as the magazine’s official bakery partner. He died in 1959. 

Shopping online is available through their website but for the ultimate experience one must inhale the aroma in a visit to the store in Palestine. 

Learn more about the bakery on www.eilenbergerbakery.com or call 903.729.0881. 

Image courtesy of the Eilenberger Bakery, available on the internet and included in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. 

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