Gong Meditations Are Helpful for Relaxation and Healing


Gong meditation facilitator Kenny Kolter holds sound therapy workshops throughout the country.  He incorporates the use of gongs, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, chimes and various other instruments to help provide participants a chance to escape the daily grind. 

These instruments are some of the oldest in the world and are thought to vibrate at the same frequency as the body. The sounds and vibrations create deep relaxation and a state of meditation.  

Many people experience feelings of total peace during the gong meditations, or sound baths as they are sometimes called.   

Kolter is one of only a handful of sound therapists worldwide to play the gong in a therapeutic environment for patients in a clinical setting. He has a six-year relationship with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and has played at numerous cancer care and hospice facilities as well as outpatient behavioral health centers and universities. 

Kolter brings his sound therapy to  Yama Yoga in Canton on June 23. Find his gong meditation CDs and more on www.gongmeditation.com

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