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Bill Collins III had a youth saturated with jazz and musical culture. His deeply rooted love and appreciation for jazz music led him through a career in music and teaching as a professor at universities, where he eventually retired.

His passion for jazz did not end with his musical career, but instead led to the birth of the Sherman Jazz Museum. The inviting space welcomes guests to come in and immerse themselves in the rich culture of jazz music that Collins collected.

The museum hosts a large collection of vinyl records, instruments, murals, memorabilia, and various forms of recording devices down through history. The museum’s collection rivals that of many others in the nation.

The building itself has a bit of history —it was once used for the Masonic Lodge Temple until it was purchased by Bill Collins Jr. where he used to showcase historic walnut furniture in 1992. But with the passing of his parents, Bill Collins III inherited the furniture museum in 2008, which he converted into the Sherman Jazz Museum to share his musical passion.

Within the museum, there are several themed rooms, including the Vocal Room which hosts a mural of Ella Fitzgerald and The Dance Band Room featuring the big bands of the jazz era. There is also the Big Band Era Room, which is home to the albums and vinyls of the post-war dance bands.

The biggest room is the Trumpet Room, which features the trumpets from some of the greatest jazz artists in history. Also showcased are individual trumpets from these great artists, albums, and even record players.

Award-winning artists Scott and Melissa Tucker painted the mural in the Dance Band Era Room, as well as the bronze busts stationed in the Big Bands Room. All of the portrait murals in the Trumpet, Big Band Era, and Dance Band rooms were painted by Sherman-native Pat Pierce.

Sherman Jazz Museum is open from 1-5 p.m. every Saturday at  201 East Lamar in downtown Sherman. Admission is free.


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