Step Back in Time at Cinnamon Bear’s Bakery in Emory


By Judy Peacock

Walking into Cinnamon Bear’s Bakery at 589 East Lennon Drive (Hwy. 69) in Emory feels like a step back in time. Workers in traditional Mennonite dresses, aprons, and bonnets greet customers as they enter.

There are colorful homemade aprons from children’s sizes to adult’s hanging along one wall and shelves of homemade goods including jars of jellies and salsas, candies, baked goods, and so much more.

There is a typical bakery counter with cookies and fried pies, and on the other side of the store are refrigerated cases housing cakes and homemade peanut butters, cheeses, and soups. There is also a case with their grass-fed and free-range beef and pork.

Sugar-free and gluten-free baked goods are sold as well as some flours and other ingredients for customers to make their own products at home.

The bakery is best known for its homemade cinnamon rolls and Italian cream cake, but it also serves breakfast and lunch every Wednesday through Saturday. Hot sandwich melts and kolaches in the mornings and sandwiches at lunch contain fresh meats, cheeses, and fresh-baked breads. Soups are also on the menu Thursdays and Fridays. There is a small eating area at the bakery and menu items are also available for takeout. For information call (903) 473-0122.


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