Couple Brings Class to Goat Creamery



The beautiful city of Longview  is known for many things. Aside from being a major hub of East Texas, it is the go-to destination for hundreds and thousands of tourists. And now there is even one more reason: freshly-made cheese from Haute Goat Creamery.

Available at Fresh in Tyler and even at Cuban Liquor and Gourmet in Shreveport, Haute Goat brings something that’s becoming a growing trend in the region: local cheese from local ingredients prepared by local people. Offering a variety of spreadable and hard cheeses, Haute Goat provides a delicious quality.

Owned and operated by Jeff and Laura Vanderbilt, Haute Goat began its journey in Lubbock where Laura Vanderbilt first got the idea to acquire the company and begin making cheese. Why cheese? “I’ve always loved food. I needed an outlet to cook for people,” says Laura, the “artistic” side to the enterprise.

In her third year as a cheese maker, Vanderbilt has help from her chemist husband Jeff. “Making cheese is 50 percent art and 50 percent science,” he says. Obviously, Jeff is the science side of the business.

Haute Goat certainly employs both methodologies extensively. From the milk-gathering process, which is supplied locally from Yantis, to the aging process, Haute Goat’s cheeses have the distinction of being not only pure Texas, but pure East Texas.

And why Longview? “Because we’re here,” says Laura,  but not coyly.  Trying to grow the business slowly, it’s little wonder that many East Texas residents have yet to hear of Haute Goat.  There is little advertisement, and much of its sales come from word of mouth, in-shop tastings, and local businesses that realize the value of the offerings.

From the sweet and savory smoothness of the fig and black pepper, to the creamy tang of the feta, each cheese is unique and quite different from standard restaurant or deli fare. There are flavors for those more inclined for breakfast and brunch tastes, such as  the sweetly delectable cranberry orange zest and breakfast berry. Even tailgaters have the bacon and maple flavor, a perfect spread for just about any potato.  Have a taste for spice? Try the chimichurri or Thai pepper.

Haute Goat even offers handmade yogurt and allergy-friendly dishes for those with demanding food requirements. Many East Texans visit the creamery specifically for this reason.

Haute Goat may be easy to miss for first-time visitors, but only the first time. Chances are a first visit won’t be the last. 

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