The Legends of Crossroads Show Wild West History



A real love for the “Old West” and keeping that spirit alive are qualities shared by a group of men and women from Winnsboro who delight in re-enacting living history for all to enjoy.  The Legends of Crossroads represent the two crossing roads where the town of Winnsboro began in the early 1850’s.  This non-profit group is made up of players who are all members of the Reenactment Guild of America.

Pete Hitzemann as Big John, Zane Hartman (Reno), Christine Hartman (Bubbling Brook), Billy Jones (Big Jake), David Simpson (Cullen Montgomery), Mary Karen Simpson (Mary Karen the Heart Stealer), Pam Dumse (Pepper Tejas), Randy Dumse (Beano), Stan Johnson (Trinity), John Alexander (Judge Roy Spleen), Karen Campbell (Krafty Karen), and Carolyn Jones are all dedicated to educating their audiences on the history of the Old West, including historical events from the Winnsboro area such as the infamous Fowlers and Pine Brothers’ shootouts.

Along with dramatic and comedic re-enactments, The Legends of Crossroads is dedicated to teaching gun safety to children and giving back to the community through various activities such as visiting nursing homes and “jail and bails” that benefit the local food bank and library. 

The Legends of Crossroads work to create a positive learning experience about the “Old West” during the 1865 to 1900 time period.  They believe this time period forged values and attitudes that still influence life today. 

The group perform at Winnsboro’s Wild West Days November 15-17 in Winnsboro City Park.

To learn more about this entertaining group contact manager Sue Hitzemann at 903-342-1300 or

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