Cass County Art Event Slated For November


HeART of Cass County is a county-wide art event taking place in three cities in the county. A traveling art exhibit is on display for three consecutive weekends in November.

HeART of Cass County is scheduled to debut in Hughes Springs before traveling to Linden and ultimately coming to a close in Atlanta. 

Each town hosts a separate juried art show lasting three days each. This means every artist who enters a work (or works) in HeART of Cass County has three times the chances to win prize money. One entry fee gets the artist registered for all three shows.

Deadline for entries for the Hughes Springs show is November 3, with that show taking place November 7-9. The Linden entry deadline is November 9 and that show takes place November 14-16. Finally, the Atlanta show is November 17 for the final exhibition November 21-23.

Entry forms are available at For more information, contact the Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce at 903.796.3296 or email

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