Local Author Publishes Fourth Novel In Series


Local author Tom Geddie recently published “The Other Magician in the Desert,” the fourth novel in his Rattlers and Magicians series about players on the men’s and women’s basketball teams at the fictional Terlingua Tech University in the Texas Big Bend.

The novel continues the story of best friends forever Magan Marshall and Jonnie Meadows — elite athletes, students, and young women— as they begin to grow up far away from home.

The first novel in the series, “Rattlers: Love & Courtship in the Desert,” focused on the men’s team led, in part, by a naïve freshman named Virgil Qualls.

The second, “Jolene’s Sad & Glorious Drift to Fame,” tells the story of one of the characters featured in the first, a young woman named Jolene Dante who fled her home at age 12 to avoid abuse and then began to find a focus for her life in Terlingua.

The third novel, “The Magician in the Desert,” and the fourth, “The Other Magician in the Desert,” introduce Magan and Jonnie, their teammates, and some of the people around them as they help lead the women’s team to success. Geddie is about halfway through writing the series’ fifth novel, “The Magicians Enter the Labyrinth,” and a book of short stories, “Eulogies for the Living,” about some of the characters in the novels.

The Ben Wheeler resident’s earlier publications include six books of free verse poetry, four novels, four collections of short fiction, two memoirs (“Reasons of My Own: Life after a Death Wish” and “Love and Masks and Ghosts”), and a book of music criticism, “What Texas Music Really Is.”

Geddie is also organizer of the third annual Ben Wheeler Book Fair, bringing 26 Texas authors to the old Elwood Schoolhouse in downtown Ben Wheeler November 29.

Retired as a journalist and business communication consultant, Geddie still writes occasionally for County Line Magazine in the Upper East Side of Texas and for Dallas-based Buddy Magazine.

For more information email tomgeddiemuses@gmail.com or call 903.963.3788.

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