Diamond Bessie Discovered in Jefferson


In the small town of Jefferson, on December 30, 1880, Abe Rothschild was released under the verdict that he was no longer guilty, after suffering through four years of trials and hearings, over the mysterious murder of the famed “Diamond Bessie.”

Back in January of 1877, Jefferson drew in a young couple for a few nights, under the name of “A. Monroe and wife.” The wife, who had yet to be identified, was covered in gaudy diamond jewelry, which were all hers. Less than two weeks later, A. Monroe left Jefferson, alone, and a few days after, the woman, later named “Diamond Bessie,” was found dead outside of the small town, a bullet wound through her head, and her infamous diamonds missing.

The victim was identified as Annie Stone Moore Rothshild, and her husband, Abraham Rothschild, was taken into custody, accused of the murder. Her diamonds were gifts from her wealthy clients from the brothel that she worked until she met Abraham and got married. As the couple lingered in the town, they were caught fighting and drinking, and many could overhear the husband calling her Bessie, which is why she was dubbed “Diamond Bessie.”

After the discovery of the true name of Rothschild, officials were sent to retrieve and arrest him, but in his grief, he attempted to shoot himself. It only resulted in the loss of his eye, and he was later arrested while in the hospital.

Because he was the son of one of the richest families in Cincinnati, Rothschild was able to get the best lawyers to help him, and over the course of four years of intense legal battles, he was finally found not guilty, and released. Although, he later was arrested after getting caught in a quarter million dollar diamond scandal.

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