Geddie Releases 30th Book; Writer Is Part of the Story

The Creator’s Dilemmas


Tom Geddie Book

Local author Tom Geddie’s 30th book, The Creator’s Dilemmas, is a personal fantasy in which he enters the fictional world he created in a dozen earlier novels to meet face to face with some of the major characters, though only one of the characters knows who he is. The premise is that “Tom Geddie” travels to a fictional university, Terlingua Tech, in the Big Bend of Texas, where he teaches a summer creative writing class.

Among the characters he will talk with are three who represent simplified versions of Freud’s id, ego, and super ego.

The id is Jolene Dante, a woman who wants immediate gratification after fleeing her home when she was 12 to escape abuse and spending five years on the road before she began getting her life together. She now produces and directs independent movies in Los Angeles

The ego is Magan Marshall, a former all-American basketball player who is now married and has a four-year-old daughter. Magan, the director of a nonprofit organization, the Guadalupe Wilde Society, nicknamed the Wilde Bunch, is entrenched in the mainstream and its  expectation of excelling by society’s norms.

The super ego is Jonnie Meadows, best friend and former college teammate of Magan as well as a friend of Jolene’s. Jonnie teaches cultural anthropology and tries to balance the id and ego parts of her personality.

Along the way, surprises abound as “Tom” learns more about his own characters and encounters several new ones he didn’t know existed.

“I don’t believe I can write a more honest fiction than this personal fantasy,” Geddie says.

He lives in Ben Wheeler after a career as a journalist, business communicator, and occasional creative writing instructor. Professional clients ranged from Fortune 500 companies to small nonprofits.

He was a two-year director at large on the global board of the International Association of Business Communicators; Dallas/IABC president, and winner of 101 awards for hands-on work on communication programs; measurement; publications; news, feature, series, and interpretive writing; photography; publication design; speech writing; and marketing programs and collateral.

Readers praise his work and thoughtfulness:

“One of the most profoundly thoughtful people I know.” – Cyd Cassone

“ ... Not only has your writing been a big part of my life, but so has your integrity, quiet compassion, and humor.” – Elizabeth Burnam

“I cannot count the times you have brought joy, introspection, or just plain wisdom to me. And you share your heart with others.” – Linda Parker Streeter

“Tom has a way of saying things some of us feel, but can’t voice or write down in words.” – Clent Larry Tucker

“The best writer I have ever known.” – Hank Beukema

His earlier published works include novels and short stories, poetry, two memoirs, and a collection of music appreciation columns for Dallas-based Buddy Magazine. He’s also written for County Line Magazine.


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