Water Workouts Are Good For All Ages


Water aerobics instructor Lindsay Beck leads the Tyler Junior College football players in special exercises that ease the aches and pains of the game. She teaches several other classes to people of all ages.

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Water aerobics are not just an easy way for grandma and her gal pals to get in their daily cardio. While that generation often graces the waters of the Olympic swimming pool at Tyler Junior College’s fitness center, there’s another generation that discovered the power of the water too.

This past summer 21-year-old water aerobics instructor Lindsay Beck got a call from head football coach at TJC asking her if he could send over some of his players.

“I thought the idea was awesome, but I thought we would have to cancel one of my morning classes,” Beck recalled. “And he just said, ‘Could you just teach them in your class?’”

It started with three young men who came in from practice, and they were a little nervous to get in at first. They soon relaxed as the ladies in the morning class welcomed them into the pool.

Afterward, the players gushed about how they just couldn’t wait to come back, Beck said, and they come in often now to soothe aching muscles. Every Sunday, after the Saturday football game, the team comes in for recovery. The class boomed from just three players to 73.

Beck had to make a special system just to manage all of the players at once, but she embraced the challenge head-on.

“My classes range from ages 21 to 68, so it was just awesome seeing these guys get in the pool,” she says. And she was even more proud to learn that the Sunday attendance is optional to the young men, yet they still all show up in anticipation.

Water aerobics can be an intense workout, and according to a study performed by Canadian researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute, Dr. Anil Nigam claims that during water aerobics, individuals receive the same amount of aerobic exercise in the pool than as they would on land. And, the studies showed that during water aerobics, the heart rate was slower in participants, but was pumping more blood through the system simultaneously.

Beck claimed she was nervous to teach the football team at first because she understood they were used to intense exercise training from their coach, but was happy to hear when they said that some of the exercises she gave them were difficult.

“They said it hurt, but it was the good kind of hurt.”

Beck currently teaches about 11 classes a week for water aerobics, which are available for attendance at various hours during the morning and afternoon. TJC also offers other classes in the pool, including swimming lessons and diving lessons, making it a great destination for family activities as the weather outside turns colder. The pool is open to the public as well as TJC staff and students.

Beck was introduced to water aerobics by her grandmother and aunt and teaches classes full-time for over a year now. She’s excited to see more diversity in those who take her classes and that the message is spreading that water aerobics is healthy for all ages.

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