Tips for Pool Care in the Off Season



At her store in Tyler, A Stone Age, owner Sheryl Hicks sells Doughboy pools and all the supplies needed to take care of and enjoy them.

According to Hicks, the first thing to do when closing your pool for the season is to ensure it is clean and algae-free, and have the water tested and balanced. Clean the “bathtub ring” that accumulates around the inside of the pool. Remove the ladder or any steps being used.

Then shock the pool with chlorine to attain above a 3ppm reading 24 hours before lowering the pool water level. Do not cover the pool if chlorine is above 3ppm. Add a winterizing kit oxidizing treatment following directions on the box.

If you plan to use your pool year around and are not lowering your water level, add one quart of algaecide; if lowering the level, add algaecide after lowering and stir with your skimmer net to circulate.

Place all plastics (baskets, vacuum and filter hoses,) in the pool for storage. This helps keep them from dry rotting. Do not put any metals in the pool water. Place the cover on the pool and secure it tightly. If you’ve lowered the water level, use air pillows to hold the cover up. Inner tubes may appear to be an alternative, but because of the hole in the center they don’t work very well.

Siphon excess rain water off the cover, as too much weight will pull on and weaken the cover causing it to split. Use a leaf blower to blow off loose debris as well as water.

Disconnect and drain the filter and pump completely to prevent freezing and cracking and store somewhere dry and protected for the winter. You will want to check periodically for evaporation and re-add water if needed. The effort to winterize properly makes it easy to open your pool when spring arrives.

For more information contact Sheryl Hicks at 903-592-7665 or email

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