Rocket Fizz Takes Guests Down Memory Lane with Sweet Nostalgia


Sometimes the only thing to make someone’s day is to provide them with a time machine — a passageway to a time that at least seems easier and happier than the present. Rocket Fizz, a Tyler candy, soda, and novelty shop, provides all of the above.

Steve Farmer might not strike anyone as a successful businessman at first glance, but that impression is quickly dissipated once he is engaged in conversation. Vibrant and energetic, Farmer is exceptionally knowledgeable, and, perhaps most importantly, deeply caring about his community.

On a quite-by-chance venture to California, Farmer discovered not only Rocket Fizz’s unique status as a business, but its solid potential as a growth industry here in the heart of East Texas.

Hoping to open the first franchise in Texas, Farmer found himself stymied by lenders reticent to support new businesses, particularly after the colossal financial meltdown in 2010. Farmer, however, was not a businessman to be deterred, even to the point of selling his Mustang and riding a bicycle.

He also had the support of friends and family.

“I had a dream, and they could see how serious I was,” Farmer says.

He soon proved that his dream was more than that — it was a vision. So much so that not only is he the owner of a thriving new business, he also works as a wholesaler, supplying numerous businesses and also functions as a Rocket Fizz ambassador, advising those who seek to open their own franchises.

Not only that, but Farmer’s approach to his business is unique.

“I love making people smile,” he said, a phrase he not only says with sincerity, but is actually a summation of his mission statement. “We strive to inspire awe in others.”

Farmer has chairs outside his store inviting guests of all ages come to just relax and release. It has almost become a hang out joint. Quite often the crowd seen outside have all selected special drinks and treats, and enjoy fellowship with one another.

This awe affects almost anyone who walks through the door of Rocket Fizz. There are so many choices, from Moxie cola, to pure sugar cane chocolate sodas, Blackjack gum, Chinese Black Black gum, a wall of limitless taffy and candy for an insanely low five dollars per bag and sepia-toned posters and vintage metal signs of almost innumerable variety. Also interesting is that the store never seems the same twice. The variety makes the establishment truly a wonder to behold.

His business is likely to be seen at a variety of community events, including reading programs and Boy Scout Pineywoods Derby. This commitment to excellence in product and love for community is truly what makes Farmer a valuable addition to Tyler.

With ComicCon quickly becoming a fixture here in East Texas, Rocket Fizz will likely increase its market share and the number of smiles seen around the already friendly atmosphere and great vibe in the store. Almost everyone is always in a good mood making that practically half the point of a visit.

Farmer’s fun-loving spirit and encyclopedic knowledge of candy and soda and all those things that bring back memories of younger days are ever present and the best reason to check out Rocket Fizz.

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