Liefie Li Vine


302 North Main Street

After hearing positive word of mouth about this fine cuisine restaurant in Winnsboro, it was time to visit Liefie Li Vine.

The unique fare was accompanied by live music just outside on a cozy, covered back porch.

The interior of the restaurant is dim and comfortable, just like small town restaurants should be. Service is impeccable, friendly, and, in my case, beyond the norm. Further, the food affords diners the opportunity to partake of traditional South African dishes accompanied by Texas wines. The combination is truly extraordinary.

As appetizers, try the aphrodisiac mussels or the vinger happie platter, a delectable smorgasbord of African quiche, salami, Mediterranean olives, cheese, frikkadelle, seasonal grapes, and fresh baguette served with garlic-and-herb-infused olive oil dipping sauce. The quiche and frikkadelle, separately or together, are worth the entire visit.

Among the entrees, the bunny chow will more than likely fill up any room left from the appetizers. As stated on the menu, the dish has no relation to bunny rabbits. Instead, it is the perfect comfort food — a combination of hollowed out homemade bread, perfectly seasoned and cooked, and covered in white wine sauce. It is practically its own food group. Then there is the savory flat iron steak topped with an interesting “monkey sauce.” The menu also features beef curry and salmon, no doubt as tasty as the aforementioned.

As a wonderful way to round out the evening, a young server prepared his own batch of mussels just for me, something I did not ask for but I am glad was proffered. Be sure to take advantage of the excellent wine selection.

Liefie is a place to kick back on a lazy weekend. This is a location that lives up to the oft-applied restaurant term “fusion” — in this case, the familiar friendly atmosphere of small town Texas and the taste of a culture few of us are privileged to savor with any regularity. Liefie is one of the must stops on any diner’s checklist. Let South Africa sweep you away while Texas holds you steady as you fly. Or dine.

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