Luscious Crumb Owner Wins “Cupcake Wars”


Owner Dawn Trammell at The Luscious Crumb in Mineola won the $10,000 grand prize in the televised “Cupcake Wars.”

“Cupcake Wars” was the Food Network’s number-two rated show. Four bakers showed up to compete to be Cupcake Wars champions. Each episode had a theme that the bakers’ creations must match.

“It was the most grueling competition we have ever been involved with,” Trammell said. “The clock is real and only the best bakers in the country are asked to participate so it is an extremely tough competition to begin with, but add that clock, and it becomes even tougher. But as only one of eight Texas bakeries to ever be featured on the show and only the second one from Texas to win the competition, we are very honored to have had the chance to compete.”

As the winner, Trammell, with her daughters Rachel Pantusa and Heather Trammell,  were asked to cupcake cater an 80’s-themed party in Los Angeles for platinum recording star Taylor Dayne, who had the hits as “Tell it to My Heart” and “Every Beat of my Heart.”

Trammell opened The Luscious Crumb in 2011 after decorating cakes since 1981, when her wedding cake did not show up at her wedding. After having her new brother-in-law get a grocery store sheet cake (whose only colors available were green and orange), she vowed to never have this happen again. From then on, she self-taught herself the ins and outs of cake decorating.

Baking came natural to Dawn because of her close ties with her grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Potter. They spent many hours in the kitchen together.

She opened a cupcake shop in Lindale in 2011, where she was bombarded with requests for other sweets such as decorated cakes, cookies, brownies, and more. She later relocated to Mineola, offering numerous options including more than 100 different cupcake flavors.

The Luscious Crumb is at 130 E. Broad. For more information, call 903.569.6367 or go to

 (for all the stew you can eat), along with cheese and crackers. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. $5. Buford Park, Buford Park, 903-885-6515.

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