Adler & Hearne Second Nature


Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne are always pleasant to listen with their sweet harmonies and sincere, well-crafted songs. Call their music folk or Americana for the most part and don’t expect a lot of “edginess,” however we may define that, even if we do find a young outlaw couple in one of the songs and, in another, a woman who needs to unlearn some of life’s lessons and in still another hard times are a burden.

Love tends to prevail. On the opening “Second Nature,” “the whole sweet prairie sings a song of you.” On “Piney Woods Breeze,” a reference to their East Texas home, “nobody knows what makes a hollow feel whole.” On “Salty Town,” “The Kiss,” and “Love is a Fire,” love is what counts.

 “Soup’s On” is a bluesy, innuendo-filled sort of recipe song that claims “you don’t know what you been missin’ til you messed around my kitchen.”

Seven of the 13 Adler/Hearne songs are co-writes with Hal Greenwood. Lloyd Maines produced with Kate Hearne – Lindy’s daughter – on lead guitar, Glenn Fukunaga on bass, Chris Gage on keyboards, Terri Hendrix on harmonica and backup vocals, and Steve Smith on mandolin.  – Tom Geddie

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