Experience a Shopping Oasis at Blue Moon Gardens


Just five miles east of the art community of Edom is a shopping oasis at Blue Moon Gardens. Among acres of herb plants, perennials, and old-fashioned flowers is a gift shop in a 90-year-old farmhouse filled with soaps, candles, linens, books, and home and seasonal décor.

Blue Moon Gardens is more than a place to pick up a plant or a last-minute gift — it’s an experience. Visitors put down their cell phones and soak in the tranquility of winding garden paths, an inviting outdoor kitchen, multiple seating arrangements, magical miniature fairy gardens, whimsical scarecrows, and beautiful plants and flowers.

The garden center has a garden club that meets regularly and co-owners Mary Wilhite and Sharon Smith are always on hand for sage advice on everything from herbs and container gardening, to tips for creating beautiful outdoor spaces and attracting butterflies.

They hold special events and workshops regularly. They put together an Uno de 50 Jewelry Trunk Show scheduled from Noon to 6 p.m. October 10 after some of their regulars fell in love with the line that conveys a unique and timeless design made with silver, resin, leather, and precious stones.

They celebrate the arrival of autumn with their annual Blue Moon Gardens Fall Festival Saturday, October 11. Full, colorful fall flowers, herbs and vegetables, trees and shrubs for planting are all part of the nursery offerings along with the ever-popular scarecrow display. The gift shop is filled fragrant candles, soaps and lotions, home decor, fashion accessories and holiday decorations and refreshments are served as guests tour the numerous display gardens.

Free morning programs include “Grow Your Own Food” by Mike Loggins of Micro Family Farms at 10 a.m.; “Tips to Make Garden Chores Easy” by Mary Wilhite at 11 a.m.; and “Choosing and Using Shrubs in Your Gardens” by Kendel Wibbing at Noon.

  Visit Blue Moon Gardens at bluemoongardens.com or call 903.852.3897 for more information but plan to visit in person soon for the ultimate beauty experience.

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