Curious Imagination Enters Palestine


An innovative pop-up museum filled with exhibits that explore science, technology, engineering, the arts and math in a hands-on environment opens to the public October 10 at 201 W. Oak Street in downtown Palestine. 

The exhibit is open Fridays through Sundays until January 3, 2016 (closed Christmas and New Years Day) and is also available Monday through Thursdays for group visits and school field trips by appointment.

The exhibit, called Curious: Igniting Imagination, welcomes preschoolers through adults in a fun, engaging and, ultimately, educational format.

Based on the world-famous Exploratorium in San Francisco, California, it is organized by ICEE Success Foundation and the STEAMRollers. The exhibit promote creative and innovation thinking skills important for all ages and is an effort to encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and a growing demand for innovation thinking in the workforce. 

The Curious exhibit includes a giant harmonograph, a tinkering station where children and adults are encouraged to use everyday materials to build a functioning car, and a math and geometry in nature station which encourages visitors to look at the world around them from a different angle, along with several other exhibits and a gift shop.

For more info email or call 903-530-9019.

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