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Adler & Hearne
Spring Hollow Records

A while back on National Public Radio, music icon Billy Bragg claimed that “cynicism is the enemy of us all.” Coincidentally that same day, I was listening to Simpatico, a 24-song album by Adler & Hearne — Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne — that celebrates their 15 years together.

Three immediate thoughts:

1. There’s not an ounce of cynicism among the songs, which is refreshing.

2. The sweetly worded songs and duet harmonies fit most closely into the folk and country genres with a sprinkling of gospel.

3. There’s a strong sense of nostalgia here that dates back to far earlier than 15 years, including the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” and the 90th birthday of Route 66.

Favorites among the 24?

From the first disc: “Summer of Love;” “Soul Lover,” nice performance by Adler of a song co-written by Hearne and Hal Greenwood; the laidback and fun “Blue Plate Special;” “When They Sing,” an admission that singing (together) sends them back to another place and time when they were young and full of life; and the bluegrass-sounding “Pickin’ My Favorites” which “fails” only because there are too many songs that could be on the list.

From the second disc: the haunting sound of “Morning Watch,” which focuses on the soul surrendering to what’s brought us all to the narrow, winding paths we’re on; “River of Peace;” “The Legacy,” which acknowledges, based on the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that everyone is heir to the legacy of dignity and worth; “Do Justice, Love Mercy,” written by Hearne and Lisa Aschmann; “Tears Like Mine;” and “Gentle Spirit, Give Me Rest.”

Adler and Hearne, who, when they are not touring, live on their “Spring Hollow Organic Song Farm” near Winnsboro, produced. Hearne added classical lead, electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin, Papoose, Dobrato, banjo, and rhythm guitar. Lloyd Maines played Dobro, pedal steel, electric bass, and slide and electric guitars with Pat Manske on percussion and Glen Fukunaga on upright bass.

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