How to Achieve a Home with an Outdoor View


As the weather cools down, it is time to get outside again, and thus the perfect time to remodel a home or update a porch or backyard to enjoy the outdoors. 

Some East Texans see rolling hills, ponds, or lake views from their homes, but those who can’t can create their own special view. 

One idea is to add a gathering area by installing outdoor seating, a fire pit, or a water feature. Surround it with landscaping. Many times this is a great DIY (Do It Yourself) project over a weekend. Bright flowers, comfy pillows, and a hammock really make a big difference. 

Sometimes houses just don’t allow for nice views outside. Bad space planning, windows that are too small, or enclosed porches that were poorly built are the most common reasons for a blocked view of the outdoors. Some ideas to open up that view include adding larger windows or doors, opening up the enclosed porch to a living area, or opening up the view from other rooms. These changes often bring more daylight into the house and automatically give a home a renovated feel. 

A house on Greenbriar Lake in Tyler had a closed plan with an enclosed sun porch. The goal for the remodeling of the home was to open the interior spaces up to one another to increase views to the lake and its reflection of earth and sky. Open spaces in a lakehouse also better compliments the weekend lifestyles and the informal socializing with guests that go on there.

The wall between the sunroom and living room was removed and cedar wrapped beams and columns were added for support. The ceiling was raised one foot so the entire space appears even larger. When removing walls to create more open spaces,  a standard ceiling height of eight feet can seem lower than it actually is and the extra one foot corrects that visual problem. Having higher ceilings helps the space look more proportional.

The wall that separated the kitchen was removed to open the kitchen to the living room and sun porch. This creates an inviting entertainment space.

Besides construction modifications, the home also needed greater harmony with the outdoors and nature. Lakehouses by nature have a casual style so that was the design direction of the new materials chosen. Natural materials like stone, cedar, and wood floors reflect that casual lakehouse style. 

The fireplace was wrapped with river stone and the paint colors chosen were to keep the room light and airy. The walls are painted Sherwin Williams 6169 Sedate Gray.

Additionally, since the entrance to the home was vague and uninviting to visitors, a new porch was built to create a more obvious entry to the home. 

With the arrival of the fall season, now’s the time to check a home’s views to the beautiful outdoors. Homeowners should think about what they want out of their view and how they want to spend their time outdoors. 

Brandy Jones, RID, IIDA, is owner of Studio B Designs, Tyler.

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