Keith Carter Views East Texas


Internationally acclaimed photographer Keith Carter is known for creating lyrical representations of the people and cultures of East Texas and the South. Called a “Poet of the Ordinary” by the Los Angeles Times, Carter’s haunting, enigmatic photographs are featured in solo exhibitions and permanent collections all over the world. 

Some of his images are shown here and more are part of “Keith Carter: Selections from The Blue Man Series,” an exhibit from October 15 through December 17 at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. The photos are on loan from the Tyler Museum of Art and the exhibit is paired with a Fort Worth photographer, “Helen Altman: Wilderness, Wildfires and Workhorses.”

Carter is the author of 11 books including several showcasing his photographs of people and places in East Texas. They are available for purchase on

He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Texas Medal of Arts, and he holds the Endowed Walles Chair of Art at Lamar University in Beaumont. A DVD documentary of his work titled “The Photographer’s Series: Keith Carter” is available from  Anthropy Arts — a preview is on YouTube as are numerous other clips of his workshops and book reviews. 

In one, a presentation for Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Carter says, “I try to make pictures that are for me externally objective but internally boundless. I look for poetry of the ordinary. My issues, such as they are, are archetypal ones — those of a failed Eden, a hopeful, peaceable kingdom, temptations, falling, redemption, and ultimately resurrections through some kind of grace in our lives. My stories are of children, of potential, innocence, of animals and angels, men and women, earth and stars, everything yoked together as one world.”

For more information on the exhibit in Longview visit or call 903.753.8103. To learn more about Carter visit

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