Paisley Speaks on Alzheimer’s in Tyler


Movie and TV actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley — and wife of country music star Brad Paisley — is the guest speaker for the Alzheimer’s Alliance of Smith County’s 5th Annual Butterfly Hope Luncheon September 19 at Willow Brook Country Club in Tyler.

Paisley wrote a book called Where the Light Gets In about her journey with her mother’s rare form of dementia that has slowly crippled her ability to talk, write, and recognize people in her own family. 

In an interview with HealthPoint, Paisley said, “Dementia needs a publicity makeover; it needs to come out of the shadows the way we’ve done with breast cancer, for example. It wasn’t that long ago when the subject of cancer was taboo. People only whispered about it. Now you have NFL players and rodeo riders wearing pink to raise awareness. We need that same kind of openness and honesty about dementia.”

For tickets to the event, go to or call 903.509.8323.

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