Edge of the Nest and Evening in Venice


Edge of the Nest

Standing at the edge of the nest
He must focus on the sky
For if he lives in fear of the fall
He will never learn to fly

How many ideas in life
Have succumbed to the fate of fear
And the only proof they existed
Reflects in a fallen tear

We begin by nurturing doubt
Then our face unveils the shame
Our feet turn away from dreams
Our heart never beats the same

Yet we do own this moment
We can conquer what we fear
For bravery is never found
In the drops of a fallen tear

It is eyes fixed on the clouds
Posture composed and tall
The readiness to stand back up
Even if we stagger and fall

So extend your wings for flight
Never give place to doubt or stall
For you own the fear of failure
Now damn your fear of the fall

Judy L. Parsons


Evening in Venice

You are in a gondola
with a flower in your hair,
and dreams pass by
like rush-hour traffic
inside a kaleidoscope.
As shadows tremble
on the water
all around you,
it is not hard to remember
why the universe must keep expanding.

Darrell Lindsey

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