Edom Art Festival Celebrates 45 Years with Artist Duos


Fused glass by Suely Lohr is one type of art featured at this year's Edom Art Festival.

The Edom Art Community is full of couples working together at their crafts throughout the year. Showing their work at the Edom Art Festival — celebrating its 45th year October 14-15 — are numerous other artist couples.

Suely and Tom Lohr from Argyle, Texas, have two special talents. Suely is a glass artist and Tom is a woodworker. Suely works in fused glass. Her shapes and designs are functional as well as decorative. Tom creates turned wooden bowls and vessels in exotic and sustainable woods, also functional as well as decorative.

Lori and Dan Dudley from Dallas have collaborated since they met in 1988. Creators of ceramic and art pottery, they both enjoy getting their hands and skirts dirty, as their studio name implies — Dirt on Your Skirt Studio. They are favorites of Day of the Dead enthusiasts, fashioning some unique figurative work for the occasion. They both worked in animation for years and are now translating those figures into clay.  Dan forms hand-built pieces from his caricature background and Lori’s detailed work comes from a basis of wheel-thrown forms.

Lisa and Cecil McKenzie from Emporia, Kansas, have worked as a team for 30 years in concert with one another and glass. The surfaces of their blown glass are like impressionistic paintings with beautiful confetti-like jewel and pastel-toned colors dancing  in the glass. They use ancient and traditional glass-blowing techniques dating back to the Romans, and yet their style is contemporary in design. Their designs evoke a special and natural presence, and zen-like quality.

Mickey and Lesli Bruce from Forney are potters. Their work also is functional and decorative.  Each make their own work and each have a distinct style, but shown side by side, it’s like watching a couple float across the dance floor together, one complimenting the other.

About 60 artists are participating in the festival this year and for the first time, the event welcomes White Fox Vineyard of Murchison offering wines by the glass or the bottle.

The Forge Bar & Grill and Kyser Musical Products are cosponsoring two days of acoustic music featuring Texas singer-songwriters including Heather Little, Meredith Crawford, Travis Bolt, Tami Hix, Stephen K. Morris, Joe Savage, Jackie Darlene, Sharon Walker, Stefan Cotter, and Audrey Oliver.

The popular kids art area is back as well as favorite food options from southern fried to Cajun, and barbecue to Asian cuisine. Special treats include artisan ice creams, root beer floats, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.   

The festival is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Admission and parking is free. Go to visitedom.com for more information.

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