Film Festivals are a Growing Trend in the Region


The recently renovated Texan theater in Kilgore is one of the sites for the new Reel East Texas Film Festival scheduled for November 16.

Photo by Kilgore News Herald

Interest in film -- and in particular, independent films -- continues to grow in the Upper East Side of Texas.

The Downtown Tyler Film Festival is set for September 27-30 this year, taking place at Liberty Hall.

A celebration of storytelling through film, the festival has grown to be an international event comprised of short films from around the world including those from England, Spain, and more. The festival also seeks to encourage Texas independent films.

All entries are 15 minutes or less and represent a variety of genres including comedy, drama, documentary, and science fiction. The top short films from each night are re-shown in the “Best of the Fest” screening on Saturday night. Contest winners receive cash prizes.

Some films feature mature content.  Parents are urged to use discretion and refer to the festival schedule and program guide for film content.

The daily pass for Wednesday through Friday is $5. Saturday night’s “Best of the Fest,” which includes food and drinks at the post party, is $10. The Producer’s all-access pass is available for $20.

More information is available at or call 903.531.1272.

Plans are underway for the Four Star Cinema in Kilgore’s annual film festival in October that features rare films shown mostly in film centers like the Angelika in Dallas. The theater is located on U.S. Highway 259 South. Call 903.983.1249 to learn about their selections this year.

New in Kilgore this year is the Reel East Texas Film Festival November 16. It is completely dedicated to showcasing independent filmmakers from all over the world and encouraging filmmakers to work in East Texas. Festival activities are planned at Texas landmarks including the Crim and Texan theaters and the Old U.S. Post Office.   Film categories included 90-120 minute feature documentary or narrative, documentary or narrative short films under 59 minutes, feature and short screenplays, student opportunities, and music videos. The deadline for submissions is September 16.

For more information on the Reel East Texas Film Festival go to

Another upcoming film event is the seventh annual Nacogdoches Film Festival that takes place in February 2018. It’s headed up by a dedicated mix of movie lovers and includes a few experts in the industry like Brad Maule, Joe Lansdale, and Inga Meier.

This festival is focused on celebrating films made by or about Texans and benefits film students at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Learn more at

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