Freddie King Brought Blues to the World


The talented Freddie King was born September 3, 1934, in Gilmer. The celebrated African-American blues musician moved to Chicago when he was 16 and developed his guitar style under the influence of Lightnin’ Hopkins, T-Bone Walker, B.B. King (not a relative), and others.

From 1950 to 1958 King played in neighborhood clubs and in latter years made his professional debut.

In 1963 he returned to Texas and settled in Dallas. In 1971 he recorded the first major live album he ever made in Austin, at Armadillo World Headquarters, known as “the House That Freddie King Built.”

King opened AWH and returned periodically for fundraisers. His recordings with Shelter Records brought him recognition throughout the state as a “top-notch Texas bluesman.”

Some of his classic songs were “Have You Ever Loved a Woman,” “Highway,” and “Woman Across the River.”

He died from a heart attack December 28, 1976, and is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park on Northwest Highway in Dallas.

Excerpts from Texas State Historical Association

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